26 January 2012

The Kitchen is Finished!

I am so happy to finally post finished pictures of my new kitchen. I've been using the kitchen since the week before Christmas -- yes, much longer than we originally estimated. I thought I'd be back in the kitchen by Thanksgiving, and that was two weeks later than Ed originally estimated. But I guess kitchen renovation is like childbirth. Not that I want to start all over again, but cooking in my new kitchen now a days, I forget the aches and pains of renovation.

Ed delivered and installed the last cabinet -- the appliance garage that he built -- on Tuesday. And with that install, we considered the kitchen finished.

I really like this kitchen. I have picked up only about 2 feet of counter space but by putting the microwave and the toaster oven up on shelves and building a garage for the appliances that I use all the time, I've gain the full depth of the counters. Also, I do not have a corner upper cabinet and this too adds space. The kitchen has some idiosyncratic details but I hope its design and basic shape could appeal to someone contemplating buying the house. Not that I am looking to move any time soon.

I did not buy a new stove or refrigerator. Both of these appliances work well and I decided to keep them until one of them dies. I was worried that the white of the appliances would not go with the rest of my choices but I like it so much that I will have to consider whether my original plan to replace appliances with stainless steel still works. And who knows what color will be the in thing in a few years. The colors in the pictures are a bit more intense than in real life -- the cabinets are not quite that yellow and the green not that bright. In general, this room is serene and calm.
The drawers house pots on the left of the stove, and spices, storage plastic, and baking supplies on the right.
I couldn't get the whole sink side together. So, here is the corner to the sink. I love the shelving!
And from the sink to the end of the kitchen. The dishwasher is on the left of the sink and there are built in trash and recycling bins on the right of the sink.
This was an unused space prior to renovation. The cabinet above the frig is big enough for all of my trays, my cookie sheets, baking pans, pie plates, and glass baking dishes.
This is back around to the stove wall. The door has been white and painted with far too many layers. I love it refinished and if it didn't cost so much, I would have every door in the house dipped and restained!
Now, for my favorite parts of the kitchen. My favorite is the kitchen dinosaur that Julia drew for me. I put it over the stove and have to smile every time I see it.
The little wine rack and the appliance garage under the glassed cabinet were built by Ed.
These shelves are strong and ever so useful. It will take awhile before I get the right blend of usefulness and prettiness in the arrangement of dishes, but for now I can reach for everything.
This had been planned as a coffee station, but I seem to have given up coffee in favor of tea since the summer, and this space works very well. The cabinet houses teas and lots of cups and the new tea pot that Cheshire gave me for my birthday.
Beneath the tea station, is a cabinet without a door which was designed to fit the dog's crate. This is a small house and there was not good place for the crate. Since we moved in, the crate has sat in the back hall. It wasn't so bad but it was drafty and just not a part of the house. I swear Latkah likes this better, as evidenced by her napping. I did buy a door and knob for this cabinet, in light of the possibility that the next owner of the house may not have a tiny dog.
And this is the pull down table for Julia to eat her breakfast, thereby staying in the same room that I am as I rush around making breakfast and packing school lunch. It has also come in handy to hang out in the kitchen doing home work or coloring while I am cooking.
And it folds up and practically disappears.
And the chairs hang in the back hall and take up very little space.

13 December 2011

Frig moved back into the kitchen yesterday. Ed will be doing on trim work today, running a water line to the frig, and putting in a new thermostat. The last has nothing to do with my kitchen but needed nonetheless. More moving in on Wednesday. It all looks so sterile right now.

31 October 2011

The view on Friday, October 28

The walls are green again and the ceiling is white -- well, a very light green. And the first cabinet is in the room. Yahoo!
This is the sample of the formica and the color of the painted pieces that Ed will build -- wine rack, dish shelves, and microwave shelf.
Today, the sink and faucet arrived. And I like them!

25 October 2011

The hood and pendant lights

The hood is ordered. Brillia is a brand created by Kobe for Costco. So, some of the benefits of the higher priced Kobe for at least $200 cheaper. And I needed that for my budget.
I just ordered two of these. One in front of each window. I added the vaulted option so that the light can swing away in front of the window if necessary.

24 October 2011

My rather desperate plea on Too many numbers and calculations. And i am having an impossible time figuring this one out. And it should have been ordered yesterday. The one bright spot is that I think this is the last technical decision I have to make regarding kitchen renovations.

The post:

I posted a more general question about range hoods and got a short, terse reply. Now I understanding why!!! It is a crazy jungle out there!! Choosing a range hood has been really challenging for me. (I admit to wishing I just went along with my GC’s recommendation and did not look further) I need help.

Background: I am looking for a 30" stainless steel wall mounted chimney range hood. I am not changing out appliances with the renovation. My present gas stove has a cfm rating of 585. If I change out the stove in a few years, the gas stove I have my eye on has a rating of 920. The duct size is 6”. I cook a good deal but just for two and I do not cook much meat. Although we do eat fish which I usually do in the oven.

Challenge: Unfortunately, this is a budget renovation. I am looking to spend no more than $800 for a range hood and if I could get away with less than that, I would be very happy.

I don’t have a good read on any of these brands except for Broan and Kobe, but the Kobe doesn’t seem to be a “real” Kobe. I can’t afford a real Kobe.

Anyway, does anyone know if any of these brands or models are pure junk or are the real winner? Anecdotal evidence would be great. I know these are not the glamour work horses that are so often talked about on this board. If there are any other brands I should consider, please let me know.

Zephyr ZAN-E30A

Zephyr ZSA-E30B (I like this one)

Zephyr BVE-E30AS

Windster RA-14L30

Windster RA-7730

Windster RA-77B30

Broan EW5830

XO Ventilation XOS30S

XO Ventilation XOB30S

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PSF-30

Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS29-30

Brillia by Kobe RAX9430SF-1

Air King GRAN30SS

Do I strike the tone of holding on to sanity by my fingernails?

Thanks for the help.

23 October 2011

October 21, 2011 the first mudding

October 19, 2011

Dry wall!
Wasps' nest corner again.

October 18, 2011

The insulation was blown in and almost immediately the room felt warmer and quieter. I wish I could do this to the bedrooms. I can't but good to remember for future projects. The blowing in was very quick although Ed prepared for it for hours. It did smell, not awful but a definite chemical smell. The windows stayed open for the rest of the day until we went to sleep, and the next day, and by the third day, the smell was gone.

So, now this ceiling corner where the wasps' nest was gets a special picture. This is the last picture with the exposed beams. Yahoo!

Sink and faucet order

Delta Linden Single Handle PullOut Kitchen Faucet 4153-SS-DST Stainless

Kohler Verse Self-Rimming Stainless Steel 22": 33" Kitchen Sink K-3373-4-NA

17 October 2011

Sink ordering and resource -- very good resource for finding out about stainless steel sinks -- good online source for sink and faucet -- another online supply house -- one more